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What is Image Resolution?

Image resolution is all the detail an image holds. Meaning the higher the resolution the more detail an image has. The less resolution the fuzzier an image will look. Sometimes resolution is identified by width and height in an image as well as pixels.

Pixels are the smallest unit of a digital image! When you zoom in super close on a picture you can see tiny squares that make up the entire photo. This is how resolution works! When there are thousands of pixels your image will look amazing and be full but when you have few pixels your image will look empty and lack beauty... Unless you want a pixelated image.

Many people wonder what the difference between PPI and DPI is. Well, DPI (dots per inch) is a physical property of a printer, not the digital image. Whereas PPI (pixels per inch) is the number of pixels in a digital file.


This is all the basic knowledge summed up to explain things as brief as possible. If you have more questions feel free to contact us at sales@m3printing.com or give us a call at 215.462.6348