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You Should Be Using QR Codes

In this digital age it can be worthwhile to augment your print with a window into the virtual world. That is where QR codes come in! QR stands for Quick Response code and are sort of a ‘next-gen’ barcode that can be easily generated to point to any website of your choosing.

Once a QR code is created it’s easy to put on most pieces of artwork. Even better all it takes to read it is a qr code reader which is installed on every smartphone. Most smartphones even have an automated built-in QR reader which will instantly scan the code if someone takes a picture of it.

This two-fold approach to marketing lets you get the most out of whatever you print. There are many different types of qr codes, but they all serve a similar purpose and in today's market people are getting used to scanning qr codes so they are quickly becoming a necessity when doing business.

With our dynamic qr code generator you can add your contact information for business cards (or anything really) that can be quickly and easily read on mobile phones or other types of mobile devices. Qr codes are typically black and white but now can even be made in color.

You can print fliers with a direct link to a SoundCloud or a banner which leads to an online version of an event schedule. All it takes is a moment and your printing project has made a large impression! Click here to try out our free QR code generator