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Tips for Cannabis Label Printing
CBD Label for Bottle

The cannabis boom is in full effect. As cannabis laws increase throughout the country, cannabis labeling has become even more important. Pharmacies are now required to have both childproof packaging for medicine and medical cannabis products as well as clearly marked labels.

But with all this new labeling comes a challenge: what information goes on it? What size should our company use? How much information is too much information?

Cannabis label printing has never been more in demand. The cannabis industry could benefit from tips and tricks on how to print labels in a way that both keeps consumers happy and promotes brand uniqueness.

With this in mind, here are some printing tips any cannabis business can use.

Cannabis Label Printing Tips
1. Your branding should be informative, but not too overwhelming.

Two important functions:
It provides instructions on how to properly dose and use cannabis.
It allows the cannabis manufacturer to display their brand's identity.

Manufacturers must think about how to blend together the information consumers want and the information that the business thinks is important.

For example, a company should not key in on their personal beliefs with new laws on marijuana. It's better for the company to give information about different types of strains or facts about the product.

Regardless, cannabis manufacturers should always carefully consider designs before making a final decision.

2. Labeling means different things to different consumers.

Believe it or not, cannabis labels come with their own set of requirements; there are currently nine states that require childproof packaging for cannabis products.

Cannabis labeling varies according to each state's cannabis packaging laws. However, manufacturers cannot simply play it by ear when it comes to the rules; cannabis is still considered an illegal drug under federal law.

For example, the FDA requires that all CBD products must be approved via a New Drug Application (NDA) and cannot contain any false claims.

The cannabis industry is very much in its infancy, but CBD label & THC label standards are nonetheless strict. Cannabis businesses (and well-informed consumers) should keep this in mind when designing cannabis labels.

CDB Oil Label on Bottle

3. Keep the information short, sweet, but informative.

On a similar note, cannabis companies should avoid medical jargon, this makes sure that anyone can understand! So much cannabis information is available these days, but labels should only include the main facts a customer needs to know. Some organizations elect to go for symbols or graphics on their cannabis stickers, which may help alleviate the problem of overcrowding words.

4. Cannabis businesses need correct information to attract customers.

The one exception to the above rule is that cannabis companies should never sacrifice essential cannabis information to other marketing material.

For instance, many cannabis companies choose to include a story on their products. Most cannabis consumers already appreciate its culture but a sticker is a great way for a business to showcase their own message to their customers.

However... Make sure to remember that just because it's a popular topic does not mean your label should mention it.

5. Good labeling does not stop at the printed product.

Labeling is a huge part of marketing that organizations cannot afford to ignore, but just because one label has been printed doesn't always mean it's complete. There is always room for improvement and a business should constantly be thinking about that. Good branding includes clear text and images about the company, their brand's identity, and why they are qualified to provide their products.

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