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Creating Ads That Catch The Customer’s Eye

Even though we are living in the era of mobile devices and the internet, print advertising is still considered to be an important aspect of any effective marketing and promotions strategy. Many consumers regularly make purchasing decisions based on advertisements they see in print media, especially in direct mail campaigns.

Statistics have shown that customers respond most to well designed ads, making it extremely important to understand print media design concepts that catch the attention of the consumer and influence purchase. Creating a print ad that triggers action is something that can be accomplished by following a few simple concepts.

Stick To The Point

The first rule of thumb is to limit yourself to one key message in your ad. If it appears too busy or to have lengthy amounts of information, potential customers will tend to glance over it instead of fully reading it. Keeping your message clear and concise and leaving the design with enough empty spaces to be attractive to the eye will increase the likelihood that people will respond in favor to your information.

Keep An Eye On Your Design

Since you will be limiting your words and graphics, how you deliver the necessary information is key to how it is received by the consumer. Bullet point lists make details easy to read quickly, whereas paragraphs appear too complicated and time consuming to many readers at a glance. Including phone numbers and websites of your business, as well as it’s physical location, are all necessary components of a successful ad.

Size, And How You Use It, Matters

The size of your ad will also dictate the amount and placement of information that can be incorporated. While it may be true that the more space you have, the more you can fit in the ad, it may be that just by enlarging your lettering and graphics will make a better use of the extra space without over complicating the message.

A clutter free ad is the best ad, regardless of its size. Text should be kept clear and simple, short and to the point, emphasizing the benefits to the customer. Put quality over quantity, and leave the reader with the impression of your product or service that you want them to have.

Branding Is Everything

Including a logo or image that reinforces your brand should be a top point to consider as brand recognition can many times be the reason customers are drawn to your ad. Using space for this image or graphic also helps keep the ad clear of too much text, streamlining your message. If you don’t have a logo or are unsure about graphic designs, there are companies that can provide assistance in this area.

Professional Printers Make It Easy

M3Printing.com offers logo design and printing services for all of your printing needs. From direct mail campaigns and signage to promotional items and banners, M3Printing.com can design and print ads that deliver your message to customers in clear, concise, and exciting ways.