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Funeral Planning Tips: Creating an Obituary and Funeral Programs

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time. Funeral planning can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to creating an obituary and funeral program. At M3 Printing, we're here to help with some tips to make sure your final farewell comes out as good as possible.

Size and Type

Funeral programs come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a single 4x6 card to as complex as a multi-page booklet. Before you start designing your program, consider what you want to include and how much space you'll need. Most programs are 8.5x11 sheets, which can be flat or folded.


Choosing the right photographs for your obituary can be challenging, especially for older people. However, it's important to get the best quality possible. You can scan older photos at professional scanners to ensure they're turned into high-quality digital format. Make sure to download digital files directly from phones for the best quality.

Word Count

It can be difficult to find the right words when you've lost a loved one. However, it's important to trim down your word count to make sure you can fit everything you need onto your final design. Focus on the most important things, including times of service, the obituary, and any photos you wish to include.

Paper Quality

While it's natural to want the highest quality paper possible for a funeral program, it's not always the most cost-effective option. Funeral programs are typically printed on 100# gloss text paper. This paper is thin and semi-glossy. It is an ideal blend of cost and quality.
Keep in mind that funeral programs are intended for a single use, and while many families like to hold onto them for memories, investing in significantly more expensive specialized material may not be necessary.

Planning a funeral is never easy, but these tips for creating an obituary and funeral program can help make the process a little less stressful. At M3 Printing, we're always here to answer any questions you may have and provide fast turnaround for your printing needs. With a little bit of planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful program to honor your loved one's memory.