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M3 Printing: Making A Memorable Mark

Planning & Strategizing

The first impression that you make can leave a lasting memory. Your logo should have the same positive effect. By creating an unforgettable logo, your company’s name should grab the customer’s attention and invite them to your business. Keep the logo simple, convey the message of what your company is about, and adaptable to just about any format.

Simplify the Logo

Your intentions may be to create something catchy with what is currently trending. Thoughts of crazy colors, and wild scenes, may pop into your thought process. Yet, when you get down to the basics of designing your logo, there are a few things to remember.

Do not follow the trends of what is popular today. Tomorrow, it may no longer be a fad. Your logo should withstand years of growth. Down the road, you want your logo to remain intact and significant.

Minimize the color combinations to two or less. This will save you money when you are printing for marketing purposes. Whether it be business cards, flyers, stationary and such. The more colors that you use, the more money it will cost you.

When choosing your prime color, make sure of what the meaning. Think of a popular fast-food restaurant, for example. Using only yellow and red, they are sending a subliminal message that they stand for fun (yellow) to stop (red) for. Try your logo on black and white, first, then add a color or two. This can provide you with the cleanliness of the design, and its adaptability.

Express Your Business

If a design is more appealing to you, you can take the route of generating a logo with a specific layout. For example, if your business works with some aspect of driving, you can use a car as the base concept.

While applying the same thought process of keeping it simple, you do not want to overkill this aspect. If you incorporate a name in the logo with multiple sketches, it can be too taxing for a prospective client. Even having the possibility of deterring them away.

Even the biggest tech companies do not have logos that project what their business is about but can express their names clearly. If providing an example of the word “apple”, what company do you instantly think of? You want to have that same impact for when you are promoting your logo.

Your Logo’s Flexibility

Allow your logo to have the ability to adapt to different sizes. A logo that looks great on a business card, may not have the full appeal on a banner. Using a grid can assist you in your design. It can guide you by providing the proportions and serve as an approximation to fit your logo needs.

Having a clean logo, simply designed, and one that is adjustable can create boundless opportunities to market your business. M3 Printing can do all of this, along with placing your logo on marketing materials to boost your company’s visibility. Working with companies on all levels, since 1998.